Thomas Kratz
Sammlung Stegemann, 2007
6 artworks for 6 network cameras
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
in Thomas Kratz
22 March - 13 May 2007
curated by Daniela Stöppel
kunstraum münchen, Munich
Text (deutsch) by Daniela Stöppel
In March 2003 I ask someone; "How would your art collection look like, if you had had the interest and the money to invest in a privat art collection over the last twenty years?"
Several times during one week we meet up for a conversation and I make a list of artist and artworks he would have had in his privat art collection. The end of our conversation is a list of 28 artworks.
For my show Sammlung Stegemann at kunstraum münchen I would like to exhibit seven artworks of his privat collection. I am trying to get access to the original artworks and if no access is possible I will re-make the artwork I cannot access. I leave the original artworks at their found locations and take the re-makes out of the kunstraum münchen, placing them either in privat or public spaces. I install a network camera next to each of them and broadcast images in real-time to the kunstraum münchen. In the exhibition space there are seven video screens where I will project in real-time images of the seven artworks placed outside the exhibition space. During the exhibition there is no indication as to whether the artwork you see on the screens is an original or a re-make.
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Venere degli stracci (Lumpen-Venus), 1967, Re-enactment, 2007 (location: Museum Villa Stuck, Munich)
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Supported by Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat, LfA Förderbank Bayern and British Council. Many thanks to LRZ München, Siemens Arts Program, Villa Stuck, Instituts für Kunstgeschichte München, the Galerie Biedermann, Alfred Wigel, Erich Gantzert-Castrillo and to Markus Dicklhuber.
Thomas Kratz
Thomas Kratz
Thomas Kratz