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Both, 2009


Mixed media

Dimensions variable

5 hours

Croy Nielsen
Hedemannstrasse 14
10969 Berlin


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Entitled ‘Both’, the performance takes point of departure in a b/w photograph from 1983 featuring James Lee Byars and Joseph Beuys lying next to each other on the floor:

'In 1983, the happening that Byars had been longing to take place finally happened at the occasion of the opening of the Speck Collection in ‘Haus Lange’, Krefeld. Masked in black, Byars is lying on a black marble slab carrying the inscription ‘Both’, as he reaches out for the trouser leg of Joseph Beuys – who is part of the audience. Beuys, professional enough to avoid a dispute, grins and bears the performance that takes place against his will. For a moment their relationship is inverted: Beuys, smiling, strives towards communication. Byars, completely covered by cloth and a top hat, remains silent.'

(Alexander Braun, „James Lee Byars“, Kunstforum, Bd. 151, Juli-Sep. 2000, pp. 346-348)

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